About me!

I have completed my B.Tech in Instrumentation Engineering. A pro active member of the department’s working and organising committee at college, I always fashioned my chance in creating catchy write ups . Novels & articles always grabbed my eyeballs & that is when I started writing blogs for my site indigenously which were mostly centred around fashion & technology. After graduating I followed my heart & mind which cohered the same & I chose to stick to the writing business. Also writing for a couple of debate forums & freelancing assignments did a world of good to my confidence.

To gain good exposure I took to Aarna designs as my full time content writing job & along with that my blogs did a world of good to my confidence. Among others USA based social media giant Solaborate & Norway based fashion line itsmesee.com have been some of the standout clients I worked with. The evolution process started on everyday basis as freelance assignments kept coming & perfecting the art of making it to the readers too started. I believe that to be a writer you needn’t possess a relevant degree to support you passion for writing rather you need a positive surge of energy from within & a penchant for the creative writing along with a handy vocabulary & impeccable command over the language.

Today I create and edit contents for the firms professionally as they come. In the past 2 years I have grown as a full-time & freelance writer. Since September 2014 I have been working as Social Media Manager for marketing company Brandappz. At the same time I love taking up freelance & guest blogging assignments for the organisations as they come.

So far my blogs have managed to reach out to people from different spheres, thanks to the  ever buzzing world of social media, they spread your word so effortlessly. Yet I’ve way to go & in the process learning shall go on. I therefore welcome you all to go through my write ups to get acquainted to my insights.

To the readers, all I want to say is that your insights & counter insights will be looked up with apt acknowledgement.


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