iSneak peek into an awaited iPhone 6

When apple flagshipped its initial version of iPhone touted as the biggest thing that time, it turned the mobile industry on its head and personified the definition of smart phones. The pundits foresaw its expansion and stakes in the market like next to none. Rightly its sleek looks, sophisticated appearance and the unique appearance turned the buyers spellbound. Since its induction into the phone industry in 2007, the first being iPhone 3G it has come a long way. It carved a niche for itself in the smart phone world and helped the stakes of this company skyrocket, iPhones have done a world of good to . I would be lying if I don’t acknowledge that despite the millions of techno freaks working their ass out, across the globe and with induction of an innovative technology almost every day this MNC has really fought for its share of credibility and has remained a runaway winner in keeping most of its customers occupied with the obsession for possessing this small piece extraordinary gadget.
Well if that was any bit of too much of praise then I guess it duly deserves it’s share of credibility. But what I wanted to highlight with this paragraph was my expectation from its forthcoming development and the next biggest thing of the market, the iPhone 6. Well the atmosphere in the phone industry is already abuzz with the leaked pictures, anticipated specs, the outlook and sketches. Quite a few of them seems to hold much of the relevance. So here I would mention quite a few things that I envisage in the next iPhone in the series which is anticipated to hit the market in a month or two.
First thing first, this time around millions of its hardcore fans would be expecting an elongated screen stretched up to 5 inch diagonally. Being well aware of the fact that 5c and 5s came with a 4 inch display, iPhone 6 in all likelihood can be furthered up to 4.5 and since the world knows that its makers believe in quality and not quantity so I guess they would rather settle for a 4.5 inch display. Plus an increased ppi (pixel per inch) will grant the users a luxury of an enhanced visualization of the screen.
Then comes the body casing and outlook part, the designers have ensured that the gadget looks as hot and appealing as it could be and the perfect blend of glass and metal in its casing have ensured that a raw gaze from the onlooker glides through, the moment it falls on its flat appealing structure. Though it has been bang on when it came to the design and style quotient but there is an issue that I would like to address and it is my expectation for a formidable metallic composition, something which doesn’t break when the device accidentally slips out of one’s fingers. It can be an alloy or an unbreakable glass composition, but then glass brings the baggage of additional weight so I would put my money on some metallic combination which can be thin and light as well. And make the device less vulnerable when it is left with infants or for that matter is an answer to somebody’s butter fingers. The bottom line remains that the phone should be lighter and more formidable than the previous iPhones. Introduction of 5c in different color variants was a big hit and I would like to see more of such unique color combination along with the patent white and black. Needless to mention RAM, chipset and storage blah blah…, as they have been upgrading these features with the launch of a new iPhone.
Next in the series is camera and this is an area which has drawn maximum flaks from its customers worldwide. With the kind of price label iPhones come with, they certainly raise the expectations of their crazy fans every time they launch their awaited model. At last they keep everyone guessing and unveil a below par camera when compared to the price tag it wore. Though 5s did most of the compensation and we saw remarkable betterment in HDR and panorama features of capturing image but a lot of work needs to be done if it were to do some justice to the adulation and fame that comes with its name. Induction of CMOS sensor of the SLR fame would certainly put the brand in a different league altogether. Coupled with that an improved shutter speed and continuous frames per second to help capture the moving things with greater efficiency at a brisk pace will do a world of good to its ever rising fortune.
The device has been way too sophisticated with its security feature. The makers of iPhone were the first to induce the finger print scanner and the same was followed by Samsung in their latest phones. Things have been considerably good but why not make it large. I would expect a retina scanner for the utmost security feature. And you know this thing will certainly give handful of jitters to its contemporaries.
We might see the induction of a new version of IOS i.e IOS 8 with the newbie. And certainly the IOS as always bring so much for the previous iPhones. From change in UI to little resurrection in the accessibility and fiddling with the contrast aspect of the tool bar to alignment, apple has always marshaled its innovative powerhouse to give its users more than enough from what they expected, yet remain as simple and accessible as one can be. One thing that I would love to see in iOS 8 along with all those better performance and looks, is the introduction of minimize, close and expand buttons at the top left/ right corner of a particular page which can prevent users from the repeated use of the only centre button at the time of cancellation of a particular page thus increasing the longevity of the hardware.
The technical team has been always up to the task of addressing the issues concerning iOS and the bugs which cause unexpected crashing of the device while turning on a few apps (though I am yet to experience the same on my device). Those associated with the latest developments would know that iOS ran awfully on iPhone 4, reason being incompatible hardware specs and processor but with minor corrections things were quite easygoing with the newer iOS 7.1 . Therefore you got to trust this brand for a leap into innovation and an experience that is unmatched and unique.

Well I am way too excited to get the first glimpse of this much anticipated gadget from


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